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Helping construction contractors and customers FIND SOLUTIONS for building dreams with better business systems, quality construction projects and life lessons through coaching, consulting and constructing.

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March 28, 2023

Wouldn’t You Like to BUILD Your Construction Company into Your Dream Business?

This Requires an UNDERSTANDING of your Problems and Having Solutions to Fix Them. Last week we talked about the high number of construction companies...



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March 22, 2023

What Do You Need to Know to Run a Successful Construction Business?

It Has More to do With Business and Less to do With Construction. We’ve all seen construction companies get started and then go out...



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March 13, 2023

How Implementing a Plan Can Help Us Build a Successful Business

Back in December we started discussing the importance of building your business on a solid foundation and why people in the construction industry avoid...



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March 07, 2023

How Does the “Job List” Help Us See the Future of Our Construction Company?

That’s a question we’re going to continue answering in this week’s solution. The Job List provides us with financial information that helps us gauge...



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February 28, 2023

The Final Step in Raising the Construction Contractor Accountability Bar

This is How the Construction Contractor Evaluation Works in the Real World. It’s time to bring this process of evaluating construction contractors to a...



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February 22, 2023

Why We Need Numbers to Help Construction Contractors Achieve Excellence, Part 4

How else are we going to know how high the bar actually is? This week we're going to look at the hard part of...